Accessing Discovery Education


Accessing Discovery Education

Discovery Education is an educational streaming service we use in the district. Teachers can show videos in full length or in segments. To access this content; teachers will need to create an account with Discovery Education. Note: The instructions are slightly different than previous years – as Discovery Education updates we will try to keep this page updated. (11/20/2017)

  1. Go behind the Staff Door. (Available on the top of the webpage.)Discovery Education Instructions
  2. Click on the Technology page on the left menu.Discovery Education Instructions
  3. Click on “Discovery Education (United Streaming) Passcodes” and select your school.Discovery Education Instructions
  4. Here is a sample PDF:
    Discovery Education Instructions

    Note: These are older directions; please consult the instructions behind the staff door for updated ones.

  5. When you click on the link (if you right click you can open the link without closing the PDF), click on the Discovery Education website.Discovery Education Instructions
  6. Click on the “Login” button. Choose “Password/Create New User.”
    Discovery Education Instructions

    The Login button is in the upper right of the screen

  7. Enter the password in the next screen. (You need to include the dash.)Discovery Education Instructions
  8. Create your profileDiscovery Education Instructions
  9. Enjoy checking out the different programs Discovery Education offers! We recommend bookmarking the homepage so that you can sign in easily. (Click on Login to sign in)Discovery Education Website


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