Augmented & Virtual Reality Overview

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Augmented Reality (AR) is the process of layering real-time information over real world environments. Virtual Reality (VR) is completely immersive and places the viewer in an alternate reality. Both of these technologies require active participation by the users. AR actually requires walking and moving in and out of real spaces while VR uses head tracking (and the optional controllers) to interact.

Some AR/VR Resources: (APP) –  Discovery Channel VR videos. (APP) –  Library of AR & VR mini-apps. (APP) –  Google Streetview app. (APP) – Coming soon… this game is suppose to be fun and improve memory and cognition. (Oculus + Vive) – Advanced games with more immersive technologies. – An excellent resource for AR & VR apps and websites. – Virtual Reality used for education. Educational resources for space exploration and medical simulation. – A resource of Apps for education. There are games like exploring Egypt or exploring the cell. (APP) – a good game for exploring the cell for free.