Compass Learning Tutorials

This tutorial will cover some of the basics of Compass Learning, such as adding students to your classroom and running progress reports.

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Logging into Compass Learning

To login to Compass Learning please use the following website:


Teacher Login: Your last name, followed by your first initial. Ex. George Castanza would be “castanzag”

Teacher Password: Your entire first name with the 1st letter capitalized followed by your state building # (four digits). Ex. George Costanza would be George1234

Note: You can get your state building # from your building secretary

**You can change your password later from your account settings.

Gr. 2-12 Student Logins:

Student Login: Their first four letters of their last name, followed by their first initial and middle initial, followed by the last 4 digits of their student number. Ex. Elaine M Beneem would be “beneem1234”

Student Password: Their Password is their date of birth using 2 digits for month and day and 4 digits for the year. (This is the same as their Google login). Ex. 01131961

Change your school to WWCSD (not case sensitive)

Gr. K-1 Student Logins:

Student Login: Student’s first name (as it appears in MI-Star) and the last 4 digits of their student ID

Student Password: All K-1 students will use the word “password” for their password.

Change your school to WWCSD (not case sensitive)

Compass-Learning-Poster-webClick HERE for this Poster you can download with this same information to post around your classroom / lab.


Adding Students to Classroom

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Running Progress Reports

View this this tutorial as a PDF

Puffin BrowserWe’re installing the Puffin Browser on all the iPads in the district so teachers and students can access Compass Learning. Using Safari (built in browser for iPads) will not work because of the way Compass Learning is configured to run with Flash technology. The workaround is the Puffin Browser. Pictured here.

Clicking on this icon should take you to the Compass Learning website ( but if not, here are the steps you will need to get to that website.

This tutorial assumes someone has been out to your building to install the Puffin Browser and bookmark this website already.

How to get into Compass Learning

Step 1: Open the Puffin Browser (see icon above)compass-learning-puffin-bookmark

Step 2: Login to Compass Learning using the following information from this post. That’s it!

Step 3: If Compass Learning doesn’t show up as last page, you’ll need to go to your Bookmarks to access it.

puffin-bookmark-folderThere should be a “Compass Learning Customer Login” or something similar to it there, which takes you directly to the Compass Learning Website.

You can access this folder by looking for the star folder icon. If you don’t see it, look for the menu icon first (see step 4) and then click the favorites folder icon.

bookmark-puffinStep 4: If you don’t see this bookmarked website, you will have to manually add it again AFTER you manually visit Compass Learning by clicking the Star Icon. See steps below for this.


Make sure you’re on the Compass Learning website. Then click the Menu icon (circled above) to access the bookmarks (left)

From there you’ll just want to add Compass Learning to your iPad’s Puffin bookmarks so in the future you can just follow steps 1 & 2.