Best practices for keeping your Google Classroom assignments organized

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Making the assignment

When making an assignment, it might be a good idea to create your assignment inside the folder you want it to be easily found.

In this example, I’m going to make a folder called “Assignments” inside my Google Drive.


Now when I go to my Google Classroom, I know where to browse every single time.

When you create a new Google Doc (for example) inside the folder you want to find it, that’s where it goes. In other words, making your assignment inside the folder you want it to be found is the best way to stay organized.


create-assignmentHere I am in my Classroom, creating an assignment

Typically, the assignment creation aspect takes place before even getting to my Google Classroom, hence the reason I’m stressing on making an “Assignments” with your materials prepared for ahead of time.

browse-chromeNow that you’re ready to browse for your assignment, click the driveicon so you can find that “Assignments” folder.

assignments-in-driveAs you see from this screenshot, I’m able to pull up the assignment I need here.


Organization Perks

If you decide to make a copy for each student, understand that Google Classroom will organize everything for you inside your Drive >  Your Classroom NameYour Assignment Name >

Your students will show up as the owner of their own documents because they turned in the assignment.

The big takeaway I’m setting up here is that Google Classroom will organize everything for you!

If you’re not using Google Classroom for handing out assignments you will get bombarded with emails saying documents have been shared from all your students one by one and you will have to manually organize everything manually. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

When you make a copy for each student, each student has a “TURN IN” icon instead of the traditional “SHARE” icon.