2017 Session Descriptions

This section will be updated as information is made available. (Check back for updates please!)

Sessions A-F

Blended Learning

Diane Fournier

How do educators make every minute in your classroom count?  How do we make a larger class feel smaller?  How can we differentiate instruction and make all students’ learning styles feel welcome in the classroom?  In an effort to accomplish all these goals and more, I set up a blended learning environment in the social studies classroom in the alternative high school.  For the first half of the session, I will share my experiences from the first year applying this paradigm and the adjustments made along the way. The second half of the session will be work time for teachers.


Rebecca Keeling

Have you heard of Escape Rooms? It’s time to think “inside the box” and  try a different way to engage students with game-based problem solving. Breakout Edu games that teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas. Experience a game and then learn how to facilitate one with your students.

Collaborating with Google Apps

Jennifer Williams and Brandi Boswell

Explore the “sharing” feature of Google Apps to see how you and your students can collaborate to create projects and papers together. In this 2 hour session we will be looking at multiple different Google Apps to encourage collaboration.

Creating a Blockbuster based on a Novel!

Matt Provost

Learn how to create a video based on a novel with a class.

Creating and Using QR Codes in the Classroom

Laurie Struve

QR Codes or quick response codes are easy to create and have many uses in the classroom. With the posting of a QR code, you can lead students to information by just using a computer’s or mobile device’s camera. Learn how a QR Code works and explore the many ways you can use them in your classroom. You will explore existing QR Codes and learn how to create your own.

Creating Video Projects in the Classroom with Screencastify

Laurie Struve

Learn the basics of creating a screencast using an app called Screencastify. This is a wonderful tool that allows teachers to create a video that aligns with educational content and can include tutorials, demonstrations, digital storytelling, narrated Slides presentations and more! Participants will also learn how to involve students in screencasting projects as well.

Design Theory

Wayne RESA

Design thinking is a more human-centered approach to thinking. It is less about the “problem” and more about focusing on the solution to create a preferred future. Come explore Design Thinking and explore a different way to arrive at your “destination.”

Discovery Education

Wayne RESA

Discovery Education is a streaming program with many educational options available. With a teacher account, teachers can view different videos, create a sortable favorites list, and view teacher resources associated with some of the videos.

DNA Reports

Joe Orban

Learn about what reports can be run in Mistar DNA and how to use them.

Sessions G-L


Chris O’Donnell

Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Gmail. Learn the settings, labs and filters to allow you to be efficient and comfortable with everyday Gmail use.

Google Chrome Apps, Extensions, & Add-ons

Amanda Thomas and Jennifer McCollum

Google Chrome can be personalized to suit the user by adding apps, extensions and add-ons. Come learn how we have use these to streamline our teacher lives, collaborate with our team and organize our professional and personal lives in this 2 hour session.

Google Classroom

Lynda O’Donnell

Google Classroom is a digital classroom which enables learning to continue once the students leave the physical classroom. It can pose as a place for discussions amongst the class, a way to push out current classroom resources, or a location for students to submit digital assignments. Classroom can be used for an entire class or diversified for individual needs. Come try out Google Classroom and see what it can do for your classroom!

Google Classroom 102

Rebecca Keeling

Are you looking for the basics and maybe a little more? Let’s investigate Google Classroom! We’ll look at the basics to getting started but also some of the NEW updates and how you can use Classroom to reach your students in this digital age. Participate in a mock classroom so that you can see what the students view and get ideas to set up your own classroom for the new school year!

Google Classroom II

Laura King

You may already be using Google Classroom, but are you ready to use it more effectively? Let’s dive deeper into Classroom and examine different ways to use it effectively with your class.

Google Drive

Lynda O’Donnell

Google Drive is a cloud based storage system that is part of the Google Suite. As part of a Google Account, it stores many file types and is the default location for “auto-saved” Google files (such as Docs, Slides, etc.) As a bonus for educators it has large storage capacities! Come explore Google Drive and what it can do for you.

Google Drive and Team Drives

Chris O’Donnell

Come learn the hidden tips and tricks to using Google Drive, but also find out about the New Team Drive. Team Drives allow groups to control items and documents instead of individuals. True team file sharing at its best.

Google Your World!

Rebecca Keeling

Explore the world with Google! Google has a suite of apps that can be used to enhance class connections to the world around us using 3D imagery, “spherical” photos and more. Participants will explore Google Maps, the new Google Earth, and Google Streetview then create their own map using Google My Maps.

Hyped for HyperDocs!

Laurie Struve

Learn how to create a 21st Century digital lesson using HyperDocs. HyperDocs are lessons that utilize a variety of Google apps to create an innovative assignment that is engaging and promotes inquiry-based learning. Participants will explore the many benefits of using HyperDocs in the classroom as well as how to create their own.

Individual Growth Plan with PIVOT

Rebecca Pek

Teachers will have opportunity to create their Self-Assessment along with begin their Professional Growth Plan for 2017-2018.  All participants will leave with the best practices used when completing the self assessment  and creating growth plans as well as a growth plan example.


Jordan Ewert

Infographics are visual representations of information that tell a story or convey a point of view. Everyone loves a good infographic but how do you go about making one? Learn the tools of trade for creating infographics that are actually fun to design, for free.

Introduction to Google Drawing

Wayne RESA

Google Drawings allows the user to create free form diagrams, organizational charts, or worksheets. (It is also used in Google Docs and Slides.) Since it is a Google App it allows users to share and collaborate on Drawings together. Come for an introduction to Google Drawings and leave with ideas of how to use this with your class.

Lightning Grader and Everyday DNA

Joe Orban

Mistar DNA has gotten an upgrade for scanning bubble sheets! DNA now has Lightening Grader – which will scan bubble sheets plus now short and long answer responses associated with the assessment. Come learn about this new testing feature for Mistar DNA!

Sessions M-S

Maker Mindset… What does it really mean to be a Maker?

Wayne RESA

Makerspaces allow for constructive, DIY exploration to solve challenges or to just create! Let’s get in the Maker Mindset!

{New} Google Sites

Jordan Ewert

Google Sites has recently been completely revised for web 2.0. Learn how to create a simple website in just a few minutes! Learn best organizational practices for linking files and resources from your Google account. Learn advanced tips and tricks for creating columns, embedding YouTube videos that scale, and even embedding a Google Slides within your website. From the most basic one-page layout to more complex websites with multiple sub-pages, Google Sites is the easiest way to make a professional looking dynamic website that looks good on any device.


Online Assessment Tools

Rebecca Keeling

Ready to add some play into reviews and quiz practice? Let’s learn more about different online assessment tools such as Kahoot, Quizizz, Plickers, and more.

Simplifying the Teacher Life

Michelle Briese

Are you tired of carrying endless stacks of papers to and from your car?  Is the amount of paperwork you have seem never-ending?  If you would like to organize your student’s assignments in a more manageable and easy way, then this is the session for you.  Google classroom is a must for educators and can be used for a variety of grade levels, depending on skill level (recommended third grade and higher).  Teachers can communicate, collaborate, organize and manage assignments. Google classroom is user friendly and the new way to create, assign and give valuable feedback to your students, without having to collect and hold onto an endless amount of papers.

Sessions T-Z

Tech Tips and Tools: Basic troubleshooting for Chromebooks

Chris O’Donnell

New to using Chromebooks with your students? Just not comfortable with your knowledge level of how Chromebooks are different from laptops? This session is for you. We will go over the most common issues that arise using Chromebooks, and how to correct them.

Twitter 101

Kate Brohl

Utilize Twitter to grow your Professional Learning Network, share with the world the learning of our students, and much more!  This is geared towards someone new to Twitter, but feel free to add to the learning if you are an experienced Twitter user.  Follow me @kobrohl if you get an account before August 23.

Using Adobe Spark to Create Classroom Videos

Jordan Ewert

Adobe Spark is dubbed as one of the best free visual digital storytelling apps. Spark lets anyone create beautiful web stories combining text and graphics. Learn how to create stunning social posts and graphics. Remix, resize, and transform your social feed in seconds! Think of Adobe Spark as a combination of Google Slides and a professional graphic design tool.

Using Google Drive for School Improvement

Wayne RESA

Learn how Google Drive can be used to benefit School Improvement.

Using MeL Resources in Your Classroom: Grades 6 – 12

Christine Schneider, Michigan Electronic Library (MeL)

Dive into the quality, vetted online resources from the Michigan eLibrary worth over $4 million, that are available free for use at school or home. In this session, you will learn which databases to focus on given your grade/subject area and how to integrate them into your curriculum. In addition to demonstrations of databases such as Britannica School, Opposing Viewpoints, Research in Context, eBooks, InfoTrac, and LearningExpress Library (for SAT/test prep), you will be shown how to access items to use with your classes, such as how-to videos for each database and scavenger hunts.

Using MeL Resources in Your Classroom: Grades K – 5

Christine Schneider, Michigan Electronic Library (MeL)

Dive into the quality, vetted online resources from the Michigan eLibrary worth over $4 million, that are available free for use at school or home. In this session, you will learn which databases to focus on given your grade/subject area and how to integrate them into your curriculum. In addition to demonstrations of databases such as Scholastic BookFLIX, Britannica School, eBooks, Kids InfoBits, and World Book for Kids, you will be shown how to access items to use with your classes, such as how-to videos for each database and scavenger hunts.

Using Technology to Enhance the Writing Process

Wayne RESA

Come get ideas on how to use technology to enhance the writing process in your classroom.

Virtual Field Trips

Rebecca Keeling

Virtual Field Trips allow experts to share their knowledge with your class from anywhere the world. We will be looking at Google Hangouts, Skype in the Classroom, and other options to bring presenters, experts, and even other classes to your classroom. Let’s connect!

Wayne RESA… What can we do for you?

Wayne RESA

Meet a representative from Wayne RESA. We would like to focus on two specific areas: free (through RESA) video conferencing tools and checking out maker-space materials.


Robin Kihn

Zearn.org is a K-5 FREE digital version of Eureka/Engage NY Math that you can easily use to differentiate independent practice for your students.  We will cover how to set up accounts and student logins, how the program works, reporting, and how to best integrate Zearn into your Math block/workshop! Ideal for all K-5 teachers- especially Blended Learning teachers, and teachers in grades 6+ who need supports for students working below grade level.