2018 Session Descriptions

This section will be updated as information is made available. (Check back for updates please!)

Sessions A-F

Access Quality Resources to Support Learning in Your Classroom

Michelle Wagner & Judy Bowling (Wayne RESA) 

Regardless of grade level or subject area, access to quality resources is an important part of any classroom. Discover how to access the online resources found in the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) to help support literacy and learning. We will take a close look at BookFlix, Britannica, Research in Context, NovelList, and much more. MeL resources are provided free to all Michigan residents. Brainstorm ways to effectively engage students and share best practices for using these tools in your classroom.

Adobe Spark – Creating Classroom Videos

Laurie Struve

Adobe Spark is one of the best free visual digital storytelling apps. Spark lets anyone create beautiful web stories combining text and graphics. Learn to Use Adobe Spark to create classroom videos

Book Creator*

Laurie Struve

Book Creator is an awesome tool designed to create ebooks on a Chromebook or iPad. Teachers and students can create and publish books, comics, portfolios, step-by-step guides, reports, learning journals and much, much more! Come see how this simple tool can support learning in your classroom. (*The free version of this program only supports 40 students.)

Breakout Games

Rebecca Keeling 

Breakout games allow students to think creatively about a problem and encourage teamwork. Play a short game and learn how you can create these hands-on (or digital!) games for your class.

Chromebook Tips & Tricks

Chris O’Donnell

Come learn Chromebook troubleshooting techniques. We will go over the most common issues that arise using Chromebooks, and how to correct them.

Coding for Literacy in the Elementary Classroom

Lynda O’Donnell 

This session will help you discover new ways for students to write stories using coding. Learning some cool ideas and get started with a new unit. Bring a laptop or chromebook.

Compass Learning

Laurie Struve 

Compass Learning is a research-based digital curriculum that is available in our district for students in grades K-8. Compass offers students online pathways in reading and math that are correlated to student’s NWEA scores. Come learn more about how to set up your class, run reports, and preview student lessons.

Creating a Class Website 

Jessica Tonegatto

Participants will be working to create a classroom website using Google apps. These apps can even be updated from your phone. Examples shown will be more of an informational website. The instructor will share and practical suggestions on how she has used this in her classroom. The possibilities for using these apps are endless!

Creating and Using Google Sites with Students – Organizing Genius Hour and Building Portfolios

Judy Bowling (Wayne RESA)

Learn how to create simple websites using Google Sites. Explore options for sharing your newly created website with specific individuals, sharing within your school domain, or publishing publicly for the world. Discover ways to help students organize materials and share resources in an easily accessible manner. Whether you’re looking for ways to keep yourself organized or interested in helping students create a digital portfolio or organize their genius hour research and creations, Google Sites is a great tool.

Creating Classroom Culture with Class Dojo

Steve Barber

This session will explore the different tools available through ClassDojo. Participants will learn about using ClassDojo as a classroom management tool, a tool to communicate with parents, and a resource for teaching Social Emotional Learning skills.

Creating Quality Lessons with Kahoot!

Steve Barber 

This session will be an introduction to using Kahoot! trivia games in the classroom. Participants will have a chance to experience a Kahoot! trivia game, see an overview of the Kahoot! website, and begin working on creating their own Kahoot! to use in their classroom.

Creating Six Word Stories

Lynda O’Donnell

Do you want to find a creative way to use video and story telling? Come and check out a fun way to do that bring your smartphone and a chromebook or laptop.

Creating Video Projects with Screencastify

Laurie Struve

Learn the basics of creating a screencast using an app called Screencastify. This is a wonderful tool that allows teachers to create a video that aligns with educational content and can include tutorials, demonstrations, digital storytelling, narrated slides presentations and more!

Design Thinking/Google Draw

Michelle Wagner and Judy Bowling (Wayne RESA)

In this session, users will be introduced to Google Draw a simple tool with lots of potential. Explore the way in which Google Draw allows users to create free form diagrams, organizational charts, and interactive activities. Since Draw is a Google App, it provides the opportunity for users to share and collaborate. Join us for this introduction to Google Drawings and leave with practical ideas for using these tools.

District Google Survival Tips

Chris O’Donnell

Come learn tips and tricks to make your life easier using Gmail and Google Calendar as well as other district specific Google nuggets you probably were not aware of.


Julie Rutherford

Participants will learn the MDE requirements for teacher certification renewal and how to document Professional Development hours. In addition, we will explore options for online professional development that will meet the requirements of certification renewal.

Enhancing Instruction, Collaboration & Learning with Google Slides 

Michelle Wagner and Judy Bowling (Wayne RESA)

Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides allow users to create online, collaborative presentations, easily shared with a single link. Learn how to create presentations, apply themes, utilize templates, and collaborate with other using this tool. Discover new ways to use Google Slides to create flyers, graphic organizers, newsletters, brochures, infographics, and so much more. 

Enhancing Writing with Technology

Michelle Wagner and Judy Bowling (Wayne RESA)

In this session we will explore the way in which students can utilize technology to enhance their writing. Discover ways to choose tools that match your instructional goal, design authentic learning experiences, and provide students with opportunities to problem-solve, ask questions, and analyze through research and writing. Explore new ways to encourage digital collaboration amongst students and use technology to produce and publish student writing at any grade level.

Sessions G-L

Flipgrid – Amplify Student Voice!

Rebecca Keeling

Learn about Flipgrid, an app that allows students to record video and create a conversation in and outside the classroom. Participate on a Flipgrid and then learn to create your own. (Also, did I mention it is completely free for educators?) 

Google Classroom 101

Carissa Quinones

Learn the basics of Google Classroom. Some of the topics that will be addressed include: setting up a class, using a classroom code vs. sending invites, posting announcements, creating assignments, adding links, attaching documents, uploading videos, and asking a question.

Google Classroom: Updates for the New School Year

Linda O’Donnell

Learn about the new updates to Google Classroom! This year they have launched updates; come, see and play with the new updates in Google Classroom. 

Google Apps for Math Instruction

Michelle Wagner (Wayne RESA)

Digital tools provide teachers with an opportunity to change how students interact with math. Utilizing G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education), allows teachers to help students communicate their ideas, collaborate, and showcase critical/creative thinking. By leveraging a vast array of Apps and Extensions, educators can shift from the traditional worksheets/math problems to the creation of engaging activities that encourage students to use the eight standards for mathematical practices.

Google Docs & Slides – Teacher Tips for in the Classroom

Rebecca Keeling

We create papers and presentations; why not have a little fun? We are going to look at some basic (or not-so-basic) options that we have in Google Docs and Slides to familiarize ourselves for this school year. Learn how to efficiently peer-edit, monitor student progress, find some features you may be missing (such as word art?) and leave with some new takes on traditional assignments. 

Google Extensions

Chris O’Donnell 

Come learn about Google Chrome extensions. These are the little addons to Google Chrome that boost productivity and streamline your workflow.

Sessions M-S

MISTAR DnA Assessment Delivery Options

Joe Orban

Mistar DNA has gotten an upgrade for scanning bubble sheets! DNA now has Lightening Grader – which will scan bubble sheets plus now short and long answer responses associated with the assessment. Come learn about this new testing feature for Mistar DNA!

MISTAR DnA Prebuit Reports

Joe Orban

MiStar DnA (Illuminate) provides a multitude of pre-built reports to help answer questions about standards progress, demographic achievement, students in need of remediation and other information designed to support data driven instruction. This session will provide a brief overview of the many assessment methods available and the reports that will allow you to put the data gathered from your assessments into meaningful information that can help guide your instructional practice.

Mystery Games

Rebecca Keeling 

Let’s play some Mystery Games! Mystery Games are virtual connections between different classes – in the district or even around the world. These games can be adapted for many different subjects and grade levels (ie Mystery Location, Mystery Animal, or Mystery Number). Come learn about how to get your students to ask meaningful questions and use deductive reasoning to figure out the answer to a proposed question.

Pearson Science

Chris O’Donnell 

Come learn about how to access the multitude of resources available from Pearson Science. Learn about video and other resources available for you and your students.

Plickers & Kahoot

Carissa Quinones

This session will show you how to assess your students in a fun and creative way way. Come find out how to use technology while getting instant feedback and results on your students. Participants will learn how to create a sample Kahoot game utilizing both images and video.

Sessions T-Z

A Tech Crash Course in Bulk

Chris King

Using Google Classroom as a specials teacher. How to set up 20 to 30 classes, and manage them in a way that keeps you sane. This session will also cover Google Drawing, code.org, and several other technology skills. Anyone is welcome, you don’t have to be a specials teacher to come.

21Things4Kids – Embedding Instructional Technology Within Your K-5 Curriculum

Michelle Wagner (Wayne RESA)

If you’re looking for creative ways to embed instructional technology into your elementary classroom, this session is for you. 21Things4Kids is a free, online resource that provides short task card activities that support both curriculum and technology. The activities are flexible and easily adaptable to any lesson or project. Learn how to access and utilize these activities in your own classroom.


Kate Brohl 

Utilize Twitter to grow your Professional Learning Network, share with the world the learning of our students, and much more!  This is geared towards someone new to Twitter, but feel free to add to the learning if you are an experienced Twitter user.  Follow me @kobrohl if you get an account before August 21.

Virtual Connections

Chris Kozaczynski and Rebecca Keeling 

Let’s break down our classroom walls and travel the world! There are many different ways to make a virtual connection – call an expert, participate in a virtual field trip, or even video chat with another class somewhere in the world. (Last year we called one person on every continent!) In this session we will be talking about how to make these connections meaningful and incorporate them into your class. We will also look at different ways to find these connections so you can start your own classroom journey!