Feel free to browse what’s available with one of your school’s technology Interventionists.

Below is a list of suggested technology tools that enhance teaching in the WWCSD district.

Apps, Extensions, and Websites Index

Chrome ExtensionText to SpeechFree/PaidText to SpeechAnyAllThe "Swiss Army Knife" of extensions with tools including word prediction, dictionary, picture dictionary, text to speech, screenshot reader, speech maker, screen mask, translator, highlighters, voice note, and more. Works on webpages, PDFs, Google Docs, and Google Slides.
Note: There is a paid version with all the tools and a free version with a subset of the tools. Educators can get the paid version for a year at no cost by filling out the form at: http://rw.texthelp.com/drive/home/RegisterTeacher
Chrome ExtensionSpeakIt!FreeText to SpeechAnyAllThis text to speech tool will read aloud any selected text from a website, with the options to adjust the voice, speed, and volume.
Chrome ExtensionAnnouncifyFreeText to SpeechAnyAllThis is another text to speech tool that not only reads a webpage, but also removes distracting elements from the site. The only drawback is the inability to select specific text to read, as the entire page is read aloud.
Chrome ExtensionReadabilityFreeReadabilityAnyAllMake any website easier to read by removing ads, comments, and all other distractions, so just the core content remains. Users can also adjust the font size and color scheme of the new text.
Chrome ExtensionOpenDyslexicFreeReadabilityAnyAllOverride all fonts on a webpage with the OpenDyslexic font, making the text more easily readable.
Chrome ExtensionBeeLine ReaderFreeReadabilityAnyAllThis tool creates a more readable version of a web page by removing all the ads, comments, and other extra distracting items, and then applies a color gradient to the page text guide your eye from one line to the next. (Limit of 5 articles per day for free version.)
Chrome ExtensionATbarFreeReadabilityAnyAllToolbar with features including color overlays for webpages, dictionary, text to speech, word prediction, and more.
Chrome ExtensionMagicScroll Web ReaderTurn web pages into a flippable e-book with easy clickable or keyboard control, as well as control over font size and page color as well.
Chrome ExtensionReadlineFreeReadabilityAnyAllAlthough originally designed as a speed reading tool, you can slow the WPM rate down so students can use this to focus on one word at a time when reading to not lose their place.
Chrome ExtensionVisorFreeReadabilityAnyAllThis screen overlay tool darkens out the page except for a horizontal band you can move up and down as you read, helping the student focus.
Chrome ExtensionHigh ContrastFreeHigh ContrastAnyAllThis tool can make webpages easier to read by changing the colors to increase contrast, invert the colors, or switch to gray-scale.
Chrome ExtensionColor EnhancerFreeColor EnhancerAnyAllFor people who are partially color-blind, this tool can help adjust and improve webpage colors.
Chrome ExtensionGoogle DictionaryFreeReading ComprehensionAnyAllDon't get stuck on an unknown word. Double-click on any word to get a pop-up definition, as well as spoken pronunciation for many words.
Chrome ExtensionsentiSum:Smart SummarizerFreeReading ComprehensionAnyAllThis extension takes an entire webpage and create a short summary in a few sentences to give the reader a quick overview of the content.
Chrome ExtensionSimple BlockerFreeFocusAnyAllThis tool helps students to stay focused on their work by blocking distracting websites. The user can choose the sites to block, how long to block them, and optional password protection.
Chrome ExtensionuBlock OriginFreeFocusAnyAllA simple but powerful ad-blocking extension to help remove distracting ads from websites, making pages less cluttered and easier to read.
Chrome ExtensionMove ItFreeFocusAnyAllFor students who need a break, this extension can be set to periodically have them stop working and do something physical for a moment.
Chrome ExtensionClick-free BrowsingFreeNavigationAnyAllFor users who have a difficulty clicking a mouse, this extension adds on-screen navigation buttons the user can simply hover over to use.
Chrome ExtensionVimiumFreeNavigationAnyAllProvides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control for someone with difficulty using a mouse.
Chrome ExtensionCrxMouseFreeNavigationAnyAllUse mouse gestures to navigate including forward, backward, scrolling, refreshing, switching tabs, and more. The user can even program their own custom mouse gestures to open programs and perform other tasks.
Chrome ExtensionCaret BrowsingFreeNavigationAnyAllThis extension gives you a movable cursor in any web page, allowing you to move through the text with your arrows keys and select text with the keyboard.
MobyMaxfree/premiumInteractiveany deviceAllK-8There is an interesting badge system that is in place to keep students going and engaged for projects in any study area. Adaptive feedback for each student. 15 million teachers are already using this!
IXLfree/premiumProblem/Solutionany deviceMath & ReadingK-12The examples I watched were pretty basic and useful for math more than anything. Not overly impressed with the helpfulness here other than giving you the correct answer if it's wrong. Minimal feedback or guidance from what I saw.
Tenmarksfree/premiumInteractiveany deviceMathK-12Only really useful for the $20 paid versions because it offers unlimited interactive lessons and planning resources with tracking progress, etc. An Amazon company. Good tutorials and guidance here. Adaptive feedback.
Frontrowedfree/school editionInteractiveany deviceMath & ReadingK-8Adaptive Math instruction that is useful for each students skill level. Videos explain math problems to students when they are stuck. Reports and benchmarks are created with this website/app. There are good "real world" math problems in the demo video I watched, which was a good thing. There are reading and English benchmarks as well. Adaptive feedback.
i-Readyfree/premiumInteractiveany deviceMath & ReadingK-12Helps struggling students and is an adaptive tool. There are adaptive tools used to guage how well a student is meeting common core standards. With i-Ready these reports help teachers understand which students are below or above the curve of the class. Based on the results, targeted lessons may be used for each student. Good animations and guided practice reinforces skills and understanding. This tool is used to move students all up to the standards via individualized lessons.
Problem-atticfreeProblem/Solutionany deviceAllK-12Helps teachers pick from a variety of pre-made questions for their lesson plans. Not an adaptive or tailored tool but rather a big filter.
Sum dogfree/premiumGameany deviceMath & ReadingK-6Sumdog understands each individual's needs, and adapts accordingly. Sumdog's unique learning engine gets to know each student and leads them through the Common Core standards. Unlike the quizes on most websites, this web-based app is more game-based.
Newselafree/premiumResearchany deviceAllK-12Read articles & take quizzes on-the-go. Adjust article reading level
Jelly Bean Scoop GamesfreeGameweb basedAllK-8"Jellybean Scoop's Brain Games are a great tool to -Stimulate children's mathematical brain -Stimulate children to think logically -Help language skills -Build new vocabulary -Gain geographic and world knowledge -Boost your memory -Learn musical notes -Study internal organs Our learning games are fun and teach important skills school kids need."
ScootPadfreeProblem/SolutioniOS, Android, WebMath & ELAK-8A complete learning Path with videos and other features. "A new way of learning based on the Mastery Learning principles. Mastery gets accelerated with personalization, engagement and tech-enhanced content." • Introduction, Practive, Intervention, Assessment, Mastery. See https://www.scootpad.com/howitworks for more info.
No Red Inkfree/premiumProblem/Solutionweb basedELA4-12As students use the site the system learns about them, gives tutorials to keep them on track, and gives assignments, quizzes, and practice exercises to keep them on track. Color coating system helps teachers assess how well their students are doing with each area.
PowerMyLearningfreeInteractiveweb basedAllK-12Professional Development, Family Engagement, and the K-12 platform that enable personalized instruction and self-directed learning to take place
SAS Curriculum PathwaysfreeInteractiveweb basedAllK-12as a huge amount of interactives in all subjects. In many of them, students complete the activity online, and then send their work electronically to their teacher (it can also be printed out). And it’s free. The teacher signs-up and is give a log-in name for all the students in a school. It doesn’t appear that students need their own individual log-in because they have to type in their name before beginning any activity. (no username and passwords needed)
Edmodo Quizzesfree/premiumInteractiveweb basedAllK-12One of the top 5 LMS systems out there and has been given a 96% user satisfaction. It's very powerful for organizing a classroom. This LMS allows for notes, alerts (which get posted & emailed), and assignments (which can have attachments added to it) sent to students. All students can reply to statements you create within each assignment, so discussion threads can be used for your group. Similar to a Facebook group, videos can be shared and comments can be added. Like videos, you can embed quiz flashcards too via sites like studystack.com and quizlet.com.
Schoology Quizzesfree/premiumInteractiveweb basedAllK-12Similar to Edmodo in that it can do many of the same file-sharing and classroom notifications. There is a $10 per student and one-time fee for the premium package. Each class can impliment a variety of forms, links, and attachments to your classroom.
My Big Campus QuizzesfreeInteractiveweb basedAllK-12Educational library content from YouTube in a safe and secure manner; collaborative place for work to be shared.
SeeSawfreeStudent Designedapp/webAllK-4Let's students create a digital portfolio. Ideally used so parents can see what their student is working on. This would be an interesting tool for younger children in particular to document their work in the classroom. WIth the pictures taken by their device of a paper, for example, the student can record audio alongside it or add a caption.
KidblogpremiumStudent Designedapp/webReading & WritingK-8Allows students to write a blog using distraction-free webtools. These blogs can be monitored and shared to the world-wide-web.
Storyjumperfree/premiumStudent Designedweb basedReading & WritingK-8This is (apparently) the #1 rated site for making story books online. Students can create their own storybooks to be printed.
StorybirdfreeStudent Designedweb basedReading & WritingK-12Like storyjumper, this web-based app allows students to create their own books, but with more of an emphasis on being an ebook instead of printed. The tools are intuitive and the drag-and-drop methods allow students to easily use pre-designed thumbnails (or the internet) to accompany their text. The books can then be shared and read on any device.
Writeaboutfree/premiumStudent Designedweb basedReading & WritingK-8Blog-type format that utilizes pictures to inspire writing, also has a recording feature. Teachers can then see average words used per story and monitor word-skills. Their selling point is that it "inspires students to write more."
Jelly Bean Scoop WriterfreeStudent Designedweb basedReading & WritingK-8Here's a really cool site that lets kids create books for free. They can change the layouts to fit their genre, use original artwork for illustrations or search online for images, and download the PDF of the book to print or share online. This website also features "Our incredibly high interest nonfiction stories are sure to draw any kid's attention and spark an interest in reading." Their stories even come with audio and comprehension tools.
InstructablesfreeProblem/Solutionweb basedAllK-12This is a website full of DIY projects. People share what they make and how they did it.
Boomwriterfree/premiumStudent Designedweb basedReading & WritingK-8Students read, write, and share nonfiction content. Writing with "points" awarded for writing. Teachers can set duration and length of books (chapters, writing days, etc) and have their students compete for points. With this tool each school must have a subscription. Work is approved or flagged for revisions. Once all approved peer initiation can then be implimented so students get anonymous feedback from their peers. This makes it competitive. Winning writings can then be published.
BlendspacefreeTeacher DesignediOS and web basedAllK-12Provide your own lessons on tiles, that can then be shared with your students. Quizzes and statistics can be implimented. Your content comes from their built in resources or anything on the web you desire.
AppletreefreeTeacher Organizer and Planner ToolAndroid, iOS, and WebAllK-12A complete classroom tool that schedules assignments and can send out email or text reminders to students and parents.
EducreationsfreeInteractiveiOSAllK-12Create classes that students can join right within the app. Lessons sync automatically between teacher and student iPads, so it's easy for students to access teacher instruction and for teachers to monitor student work. Students without iPads can access classes and lessons on the Educreations website. You can annotate nearly everything from this point on your work or students work.
ScreencastifyfreeTeacher ToolChrome extensionN/AN/AGoogles solution to recording your screen. Screencastify does not depend on any external software (like Java, Flash or other plugins). So it also runs on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. All footage is stored in an HTML5 filesystem managed by Chrome and then downloaded automatically to your Drive. The free version limites your recordings to 10 minutes.
QuicktimefreeTeacher ToolMac softwareN/AN/AApples video player. QT allows you to record your screen and store files locally. No limit except for 2GB... plenty for 1+ hour recordings even at HD.
Screencast-O-MaticfreeTeacher Toolweb basedAllN/ARecord your screen for tutorials... limited to 15 mins with the free version, with watermark. Videos can be easily published right to YouTube from there.
EdPuzzlefreeTeacher Toolweb basedAllK-12EdPuzzle will let you take existing videos from the web (i.e. YouTube) and create your own annotations via text or audio. Perfect for putting your own spin on a video and more engaging to students as well. Quizzes can be implemented so when watching a video the student will pay more attention and retain more info. By default, all your video lessons become public. This is a simple quiz from video app.
VideonotfreeResearchweb basedAllK-12Watch videos and take notes. The notes are synched with Google Drive and automatically apply timestamps when you are writing down text! I think this is a pretty useful app for teachers and students who just want to take better notes when watching a video.
Class Flowfree/premiumInteractiveweb basedMath, Science, English, and History & Social Sciences K-12Work is put in front of each student on their device, it's interactive in the sense that each student does their own work. Like Peardeck, the answers can be populated on the SmartBoard if desired. Each student also works on their own level. Like MobiMax, there is a badge system. Collaborative and management strategies in this app. Cloud based reporting allows for teacher to see answers in real-time.
The Answer Padfree/premiumInteractiveweb basedMath & ReadingK-12Multiple choice, true/false, text, draw, annotate, yes/no, up/down, slider, fill-in. "Formative & Summative Assessment for the 1:1 & B.Y.O.D. Classroom". There are interactive quizzes as well as standard answer sheets. Cloud based reporting allows for teacher to see answers in real-time.
BlendspacefreeTeacher Toolweb basedAllK-12Using online content and your own content lessons can be created. YouTube, Google, and Tez are used to build lessons. Once materials are collected they are placed in tiles with quizzes that can be tracked. Student evaluation is fundamental to this web-based app.
Nearpodfree/premiumTeacher TooliOS, Android, WebAllK-12Lesson plans that display on students devices. Ideal for one-to-one learning environments. Works like an interactive powerpoint and allows everyone to be on the same page if desired.
Pear Deckfree/premiumInteractiveweb based/connects with GoogleAllN/APresentation tool that allows you to build in on the fly questions: agree/disagree/ thumbs up/down, multiple choice, text, numeric, true/false, draw on grid/blank, draggable (premium) draw on image (premium). Cloud based reporting allows for teacher to see answers in real-time.
SocrativefreeInteractiveweb basedAllK-12Start a quiz, ask the class a quick question, space race (groups students together and compete for answers), and exit tickets (class understanding assessment). You can manage quizzes (create or import from another teacher), and generate reports. Quizes can be shared with "SOC" numbers to other teachers. Finally, reports can be exported into Google Drive if need be.
KahootfreeInteractiveweb basedAllK-12Fun quizzes with realtime answers in classroom. One of the best ways to have classes participate in an engaging way.
FormativefreeInteractiveweb basedMathK-12Interactive in the sense that students can draw their math equations and get instant feedback from the teacher in real-time. Math problems are assigned and you as the teacher can watch your class do their work.
QuizizzfreeInteractiveweb basedAllK-12Like Kahoot but student paced
DesmosfreeInteractiveiOS, Android, WebMathK-12Graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more in this interactive and animated graphing web/app.
GeogebrafreeInteractiveiOS, Android, WebMathK-12The graphing calculator for functions, geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics and 3d math!
DesmosfreeInteractiveiOS, Android, WebMathK-12Graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more in this interactive and animated graphing web/app.
RazKids$90/annually per classroomInteractiveiOS, Android, WebK-5Read books at their own pace with the computer reading aloud while highlighting text. It has built in tools where you, the teacher, can monitor the progress of the class. Teachers can make assignments and track student progress with online assessments and student recordings. Reports can be generated.
FlubaroofreeExtensionTeacher ToolThis add on to Google Sheets which allow you to use your sheets as a form, which is then recorded in a "grades" tab. Grades can even be emailed to each student with or without the answer key. You must follow a formula in sheets for this to work correctly.
AutocratfreeExtensionTeacher ToolSeems confusing to use, but once figured out it allows teachers to formulate Google Sheets and export them using templates in a PDF format. The reviews here seem quite mixed.
Mail MergefreeExtensionHelpful ToolsThis Google Add on can be very useful if you are trying to send out emails in bulk and need some personalization in them. Using your Google Contacts, for example, it will put in custom headers in Sheets and then send out your custom emails, even at a schedued date for example. You can even use Google Analytics!
GoobricfreeExtensionTeacher ToolTo be used in tandem with the Doctopus Add-on for Google Sheets, the Goobric web app enables flexible, efficient rubric-based grading of Google Drive resources (Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Folders, etc.) Doctopus is a popular assignment distribution and management tool available from any Google Sheet from the Add-ons menu->just search the Add-ons store for "Doctopus."
DoctopusfreeExtensionTeacher Tool"Doctopus gives teachers the ability to mass-copy (from a starter template), share, monitor student progress, and manage grading and feedback for student projects in Google Drive. Its tentacles copy and "hand out" Drive files to a roster of students, giving teachers full control over starter template, sharing configuration, folder organization and file naming, as well as visibility over all work in progress."
JoeZoo ExpressfreeExtensionTeacher ToolSave time grading and handing out seperate documents. Their info: "Forget using Google Docs comments. Give categorized writing feedback in seconds. Forget wrestling with Google Docs tables. Build a reusable Rubric in mere minutes. Forget printing a Rubric and grading by hand. Grade any assignment with a few clicks."
Online RubricfreeExtensionTeacher ToolCreate and send customizable rubrics and scores to students by email for any assignment. This is a simple but effective Google Add-on that has very positive reviews.
GrammarlyfreeExtensionProblem/SolutionExcellent spell-checker that catches 10x as many errors as Microsoft Word and helps with punctuation and sentence structure. Adding Grammarly to Chrome means that your spelling and grammar will be vetted on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web.
ScreencastifyfreeExtensionScreencast ToolGoogles solution to recording your screen. Screencastify does not depend on any external software (like Java, Flash or other plugins). So it also runs on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. All footage is stored in an HTML5 filesystem managed by Chrome and then downloaded automatically to your Drive. The free version limites your recordings to 10 minutes.
KamifreeExtensionPDF EditorView, annotate, share and collaborate your files on Chrome. Kami (formerly Notable PDF) is your cloud-based all-in-one document viewer and markup tool. With Kami, you can do more with your files. It is FREE to use but has options to upgrade for more advanced features... most of the useful parts are free which is excellent.
Read and Write for GooglefreeExtensionText-to-SpeechReads aloud text, suggests next word, translates text, offers dictionary and picture dictionary, highlight text that can be used in other documents, etc.
Doc HubfreeExtensionPDF EditorSecurely edit, fax and sign PDF and Word documents for free. Fill forms. Merge documents and reorder pages. Create templates. Unlike Kami, you can use your free account to sign documents. Kami, however, has a lot of useful collaborative elements this app doesn't.
Voice RecorderfreeExtensionVoice RecorderRecord your voice online and export it.
Web PaintfreeExtensionWeb PaintWeb Paint provides the following easy to use drawing tools that let you draw shapes, lines, and add text to live web pages and take screenshot
MeL LibraryfreeAppeLibrary DatabaseAccess the entire Michigan eLibrary which features all of your favorite MeL databases and resources including MeLCat.
Mel TeensfreeAppeLibrary DatabaseAccess to resources specifically for grades 6 through 12+ including homework help, recommended books, and college planning and test prep tools.
Mel KidsfreeAppeLibrary DatabaseResources specifically designed for young learners, pre-K through 5th grades, including homework helpers, stories, games, and information about the state of Michigan!
Mel College BoundfreeAppResourceAn MeL resource for high schoolers wanting to know more about college resources. Resources to help you select, prepare and pay for college.
Mel MichiganafreeAppResourceMichigan is a great state! Learn more about it with access to 15 diverse research digital collections, giving access to primary resources such as photographs, family history, and podcasts.
QuiverAugmented Realityfree/premiumAndroid & iOSAllK-4Useful for young children. It's basically a coloring app that turns coloring book drawings into life. Not much "education" really, but it is engaging and fun looking.
MathChatFormative Assessment ToolfreeiOS appMathK-12Take pictures of your math homework and have other students help you with your problems and talk you through it with annotative tools and messenging. This would be useful for classrooms who can work collaboratively. Lots of student (or teacher) interraction is possible with this.
Explain EverythingPresentation Tool5.99/one timeiOS appAllK-12Create motion presentations with timelines that explain everything you think you'll need to before moving on. It's similar to an interactive video.
ShowMeScreencasting (Curriculum)freeiOS appAllK-12A free version of Explain Everything, with limited tools. Can be really useful if you just want to make some basic annotations or lesson plans.
DoceriScreencasting (Curriculum)freeiOS appAllK-12"Combining screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard in one app, you’ll never have to turn your back to the class or audience again. Create a lesson or presentation, insert images, save and edit your project and record a screencast video you can easily save or share. Doceri does it all!"
Lego Movie MakerVideo CreationfreeiOS appAllK-8Makes stop motion videos with legos...
Sock PuppetsVideo CreationfreeiOS appAllK-6Create videos that use sock puppets and sync them to your voice.
iMovieVideo CreationfreeiOS appAllK-12Edit movies for free in arguably one of the best free video editing programs out there.
PoppletMind Mapping Toolsfree/premiumiOS appAllN/AA mind-mapping tool designed for the iPad
ClasskickFormative Assessment ToolfreeiOS appAllK-8Teacher-student interaction, highly recommend, great connectivity, audio button options. Various lessons can be planned and feedback and be given in real time by the teacher.
Book WizardDatabasefreeiOS appReading & EnglishK-12This is an app for iPads that allows teachers to look up books for their students
Aurasma Studiofree/premiumDesign tooliOS, Android, WebN/AN/ACreate 3D animations on-top of 2D pictures. Use a smartphone or tablet to enhance these images with video or 3D animations.
Design ToolCanvafree/paidN/AiOS, Android, WebN/AAn excellent free HTML design website & iPad app that is great for layouts and designs that could be used in any project. Links to each design can be shared (and then edited) or published as JPEGs and PDFs.
Mind Mapping ToolsPadlet$5/moN/AiOS, Android, WebN/AA mapping tool that's mostly image based with a teacher-student shared interface. $5/month for teachers and unlimited number of students.
Layout & DesignLucidpress5.95/moN/AiOS, Android, WebK-12For much less than Adobe InDesign, create professional looking PDF's and interractive documents. Allows students to create collaborative interactive web and and stunning print materials. "Lucidpress is the app Google Apps was missing! It is the web-based, collaborative answer to MS Publisher for creating brochures, newsletters, posters and more." - one review.
Mind Mapping ToolsCogglefreeN/Aweb basedN/AAn online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps. It works online in your browser: there's nothing to download or update. Simply log in to start mind-mapping.
Mind Mapping ToolsGoogle DrawingsfreeN/Aweb basedN/AA very BASIC drawing tool from Google. There are better ones out there that are still free.
PDF Editors:Cute PDFfreeTeacher Toolweb basedN/ADelete, crop, and merge PDF's, all through your internet browser.
PDF Editors:DocHubfreeTeacher Toolweb basedN/AOnline PDF editor, create and fill PDF forms, sign documents online, reusable templates
Text to Speech:Chrome SpeakfreeAccessibilityChrome extensionK-12Select text and Chrome will read that portion of the text to you.
Useful ToolsConvert CasefreeOtherweb basedN/AEasily convert your text to all UPPER or lower case. This can be very useful for transforming text you've copied/pasted.
Video CreationWe VideofreeStudent DesignedChrome appK-12Web based app video editor that edits your footage already online or in your cloud, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Just a warning: anything over 5 mins will cost you and you won't be able to upload HD footage unless you pay either. Lots of mixed reviews.
Video CreationPowToonsfreeStudent DesignedChrome appK-12Create interesting videos that are engaging with animation. This application is all about having resources to create quick lessons/tutorials/etc in under 10 minutes that look very professional.
Video EditorZaptionfree/premiumProblem/Solutionweb basedK-12Allows you to annotate YouTube and other videos with multiple choice quizes. Makes watching videos more engaging. Both this and EdPuzzle allow for that extra layer (web based) for annotations and quizzes. EdPuzzle may have an easier annotation tool with audio notes and even progress report. However, Zaption allows for text and other overlays on top of video.. more statistics with Zaption like who watched the videos and answer overviews. Zaption has a few more options besides EdPuzzle.
Video FilterViewPurefreeAccessibilityweb basedK-12lets teachers stream YouTube videos without suggested content or comments
Voice Recorders:MicNotefreeTeacher Toolany deviceN/Avoice recorded notes
Photo EditingFotoJetfreePhoto Editorany deviceN/AEdit your photos online with this web application interface