Google Forms – Email Notification Add-on

Email Notifications for Forms

Assuming you know how to make a form and send it out, you may wonder why Google hasn’t made it easy to get notifications when your form is filled out. Cue “Add-ons” to the rescue.

Step 1: Get the Add-on

  • get-addons-for-formsBy default, Add-ons are not included… you have to add them first.

Click the three-dots and then click addons.

  • Do a search for “” which looks like this email-notifications-for-forms
  • Click the + Free icon and you’re all set. That’s it. free

    Step 2: Configure the Add-On


  • Do this by clicking the new puzzle piece icon and selecting this add-on.

  • addon-form-notifier-ruleClick “Create New Rule”

  • form-notification-addon-configYou will need to put your email in the receive notifications section. The rest is up to you.

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