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Clever Enabled District Device

Clever is a portal that allows students to sign into their school Google accounts and view a set dashboard. Depending on the grade of the student they have two options to login: district Google login or QR badge (K-2). Using the Clever portal allow students to access some of the district accounts, such as Compass Learning (K-8), without having to sign in multiple times.

Note: In order to sign in using the Clever QR Badge, you will need a device connected camera. If a camera is not available, students can still use their district Google account to login.

Sign into Clever on a Clever Badge Enabled District Device:

Clever Badge Login

Some district devices have been enabled for Clever. Usually these are Chromebooks or Chromebases in district computer labs. Please see example picture of Clever Badge Enabled District Device.

  1. Sign in with a Badge:
    1. Choose “Next”
    2. Show the badge to the camera.
    3. Once you see the green check mark the student will be signed into the device
  2. Sign in with Google account:
    1. Choose “Sign in with a different account” (left of the “Next” button)
    2. Login using your Google account
    3. The Clever window will open; choose “Sign in with Google”, select your name and you will be signed into the portal.

Clever iPad login

Sign into Clever on other District Devices:

You can use many different devices (such as Chromebooks, Cloud-ready converted desktops, iPads, etc) to sign into Clever however not all devices are compatible with the apps on the Clever Portal. (Example: Compass requires a Flash player so may not work well with iPads.)

  1. Login to the device (if applicable)
  2. Go to clever.com/in/wwcsd and choose “Login with Google”
  3. Enter your credentials (if prompted)

Accessing Clever outside of School:

You can access the Clever portal from outside School by using many different types of devices. Some devices are not as compatible with the apps on the Clever Portal. (Example: Compass requires a Flash player so may not work well with iPads.)

In order to use the Clever QR badges, the device being used will need a connected camera.

    1. Go to clever.com/in/wwcsd
    2. Login
      1. With Google Account: Choose “Login with Google” and enter the school Google account
      2. With Clever QR Badge: Choose “Clever Badge Login” and show the badge to the connected camera
      3. Logging out: Logout by clicking the upper right corner (your name) and choose sign out.

Clever Login from home

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