Google Maps – Explore the world!

Rebecca KeelingClassroom Ideas, Tips & Tricks, Useful Apps

Google Maps has come out with some amazing features that can be used to enhance instruction in the classroom. (No, it’s not just for directions!) With the Street view option it allows students to take to the streets and view the world around them. Google has also integrated Google Earth and 3D renderings of their maps which helps intensify the almost 360 degree¬†perspective.

Some Ideas on How to Use it in the Classroom:

  • Create a “Scavenger Hunt” (Find the Absolute and Relative location of a list of places)
  • Explore the Street view to see Landmarks for Social Studies or search landforms to explain what the rainforest looks like or explain erosion from inside the Grand Canyon
  • Let your students explore perspective (how a landmark appears to the surrounding area)

Let’s explore Google Maps!
Google Maps