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Getting students involved with curriculum can sometimes be difficult; so why not switch up the method of instruction and challenge them with a game?

We’ve previously posted about breakouts. (See our Breakout Game “Getting Started” post) Breakouts can be a way to challenge the students to demonstrate not only their knowledge of curriculum, but also of collaboration, cooperation, and creativity. A breakout is like an escape room with the exception that instead of “breaking out” of a room, the students are trying to “break in” to a box. There are many premade games of varying different skill levels (BreakoutEDU is a popular “freemium” site to visit) but sometimes you might not be able to find exactly what you are looking for. That’s when you may wish to create your own. Created games can either use a physical box with locks or be digital. (Or you can make a hybrid – the options are endless!)

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a topic to center your game
  • Keep your topic in mind when creating your clues! (Does your clue connect to your topic?)
  • Create both simple and complex clues
  • Check your clues to make sure your codes align

Sound a little complicated? (Truthfully, it’s only as complicated as you make it.) Recently one of our third grade classes was challenged to create their own – and they did! Thinking outside the box can help students (and even you) grow as they learn or master new material!

Make Your Own Breakout (Extended Edition) 

Other Resources:

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If you need more assistance or are interested in trying to create a breakout, you can contact your Instructional Technology Coaches.

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