PDF Candy

Have you ever heard of PDFCandy.com? As educators, many times documents are given to us in PDF format and in order to edit them we would have to find someone with the proper Adobe program to make them editable to use in the classroom. This site allows users to upload their PDFs and convert them, as well as remove pages, make them editable and even merge different pdf documents together. And it’s free to use (without creating an account!) 

To Use

  1. Open the site (pdfcandy.com)
  2. Choose the circle with the desired outcome. For this example I used PDF to Word.
  3. Add your files. You can drag & drop the file into the box. (As of writing, you may not be able to upload the file from your Google Drive until updated.)
    PDF Candy upload file

    Click to Enlarge

  4. Your file will be converted and you will be able to download the file (or even save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox!)

    Click to Enlarge

Afterwards if you would like to convert another, click the Start Over button or the PDF candy logo to go back to the main page.

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