Printing from a Chromebook

Printing from a Chromebook is similar to printing from your teacher station with some minor differences. As of right now, it is available only to print to the Konica black & white printers and for Teachers and Staff only.

To Print on a District Chromebook (while in District):

  1. Open the document you want to printPrinter selection
  2. Click the print icon (or File → Print)
  3. Choose your printer (if you don’t see the printer available, choose “see more” and look for the printer you want) Currently ONLY the black and white Konica’s are available – they will be listed as PCUT-”Building”- KONICA-VIRTQ01.
  4. Click Print.
  5. Put your credentials into the Papercut pop-up (same as your computer login – no and select “Sign in and Print”Papercut Popup Window
  6. Go to the copier to release your job. 
View our Video Walkthrough (WWCSD Staff only)
***Currently available to staff only***

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