Google Classroom – A View Comparison

As we use Google Classroom more in the district, you may wonder what the student sees when they are in your Classroom. While there are a few differences, it is very similar to what teachers see (aside from the management pieces.)

Classroom Differences between Teachers and Students

*Management (creating assignments, grades, etc) have been left off the list as they are unique to teachers.

What can they see? Teachers Students
Stream Class code; Meet link, deleted posts, drafts of posts, create/reply to posts If turned on by the teacher: Meet link, ability to create/reply to posts
Grades Tab Available to teachers not visible to students
People Tab View teacher/class list, add/email students/co-teachers, mute/remove students, add/email guardians View teacher/class list, email teachers/classmates
Classwork Tab

Colored icons are visible to students; grayed out are drafts (not visible to students)

Colored icons need students to completed; grayed out have been turned in (or do not require student to submit work)
Topics Topics with drafts only are invisible to students Topics with classwork visible to students will only show

Viewing an assignment:

  • Student instructions and class comments are on a different tab (upper middle of the assignment)
  • Student work and private comments are listed under student work by student (opens when clicking an assignment) 

Viewing an assignment:

  • Instructions, student work (“Your Work”), private comments and class comments appear on the same page
  • Students can add or create work under the “Your Work” section; this is also where they mark it as done or turn in work
View our video comparison of Teacher and Student Views in Classroom below:

***Available to WWCSD staff only***

Google Classroom View Comparison video

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