Using Scanbot to Archive & auto-crop handouts

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Scanbot is an app available for iPhones & Android phones. It’s best to use on a personal device simply because the camera resolution on our districts iPad 2’s are terrible (they produce under one megapixel and cannot make even a decent print).

So what does Scanbot do? Well, it “scans” in documents, but beyond that it automatically crops documents and has the ability to upload them directly to your Google Drive. This is very useful because we all know how frustrating email attachments can be, am I right?

  1. Install the app
  2. Setting up the app
  3. Access Google Drive
  4. Scan your first document
  5. Share to your Google Drive

Step 1: Install

Download Scanbot ( iPhones | Androids )

Step 2: Setup

Allow Access to the camera (without this you can’t use the app!)


Move the slider to free. Don’t be embarrassed you don’t want to become a pro :/ It will be OK.


If you get prompted again… slide it back to Free.


While we’re getting good at ignoring cost, skip the newsletter as well (unless you really want it)

Step 3: Access Google Drive

Before we get any further with Scanbot, access your Google Drive through the Drive App. ( iPhones | Androids )

This step is useful because you’ll need to have a way to upload your scans directly into your Google Drive App. You will need to sign into your account of course for this to work properly.

Step 4: Scan your first document


Scanbot will do it’s best to figure out perspective and range, as illustrated here above. Once you’re in range the app will automatically take a photo of that document. Once this is done, you can export it to your Google Drive… which you can use of course to send to your student if you wish.

Step 5: Share to your Google Drive


Now that you’ve successfully exported your scan to Google Drive, you can easily share it with your students. The best way to do this in mass would be to use Google Classroom.