Compass Learning on Tablets


  The Puffin Browser can be installed on iPads in the district so teachers and students can access Compass Learning. Using Safari (built-in browser for iPads) will not work because … Read More

EdPuzzle – Webinar training

techinterTutorials For those who don’t know what EdPuzzle is, it basically allows you to put in quizzes from already created videos found online, like those on YouTube or Vimeo. If … Read More

Google Forms – How to use them


Google Forms are a powerful part of the Google Suites, or G-Suite as they now call it. Forms allows you to create on-the-fly questions with a variety of answering formats … Read More

Accessing Discovery Education


  Accessing Discovery Education Discovery Education is an educational streaming service we use in the district. Teachers can show videos in full length or in segments. To access this content; … Read More

Google Drive


The following tutorial will demonstrate best practices when using Google Drive. For your convenience, much of the content from this tutorial can be viewed from reading this PDF: Google Drive & … Read More

Google Cast for Education


Recently Google has announced Google Cast for Education among other updates. This update is exciting for Chromebooks because it offers similar screen mirroring technology that iPads had with Apple TV. Teachers and students … Read More