Finding great image resources

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With current technology, students (and teachers) have access to more information than previous generations. The level of technology consumption has expanded with the accessibility of the internet and the collaborative … Read More

VR/AR in the Classroom

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Technology has made it easier to bring objects, locations and topics to students. This can help give them a frame of reference when they don’t have experience to draw on. … Read More

Getting Started with Google Sheets

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Getting To Know Spreadsheets Spreadsheets, Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, are extremely versatile tools that can be used in any subject. Spreadsheets are excellent manipulators and evaluators of data. But, … Read More

Sharing in Google

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Sharing in Google Banner

One useful feature in Google is the ability to share a document or folder with anyone (known as collaborators). Sharing rights can be given to a controlled group of users, … Read More

PDF Candy

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PDF Candy Homepage

Have you ever heard of As educators, many times documents are given to us in PDF format and in order to edit them we would have to find someone … Read More

Going Digital with Breakouts!

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Digital Breakout Banner

Breakout games traditionally involve a box with locks for the players to try to open. Clues are hidden around the room and players circulate around trying to solve them. But … Read More

DIY Breakout Content

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Breakout Locks

Getting students involved with curriculum can sometimes be difficult; so why not switch up the method of instruction and challenge them with a game? We’ve previously posted about breakouts. (See … Read More