Google Classroom – 2018 Updates!

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Google Classroom 2018 Updates

At the start of the 2018-2019 school year Google Classroom got an update that has changed some of its past features. Many of the features are meant to assist with … Read More

SMART Notebook Activity Builder

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SMART Notebook Logo

Creating your own interactive activities in SMART Notebook can be useful in order to create personalized content in your classroom. To create content, you can follow the steps listed below. … Read More

Math and Google, It Can Be Done!

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TextHelp, the makers of Read&Write for Google have a math editing tool that can be used throughout G Suite for Education called EquatIO.  It is a Chrome extension that when … Read More

Lightning Grader!

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Lightning Grader

What is Lightning Grader? Uploading answer sheets using Lightning Grader Reviewing scanned answer sheets using Lightning Grader What is Lightning Grader? Mistar DNA (Illuminate Education) has upgraded their system by … Read More